Michelle Carter and Tessa Darley of Innovate UK were in Inverness recently with a broad brief to seek out new ideas and solutions within Aviation. Their workshop (the last of 5 across the UK) was held on the 18th January in inverness and SPARA2020 participants HITRANS, HIAL and Basil O’Fee, were all in attendance. Innovate[...]
An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on General Aviation has been recently formed in the UK. Such cross party committees are formed to address pressing issues ideally in a non-partisan manner. The APPG believe that, over a period of decades, successive governments have failed to fully appreciate the critical role that General Aviation plays in promoting UK plc.[...]
On January 10th Basil O’Fee (Expert support for SPARA2020) attended a lunchtime debate at the European parliament in Brussels hosted by German MEP Ismail Ertug. This was part of a series of discussions informing consideration of the ‘Aviation Package’ from the Perspective of: Regional Aerodromes / Airlines, General + Business Aviation. The lunchtime debate themes[...]
HITRANS are in the process of gathering quotes for an electric bikes pilot project to run between May 2018-May 2019. An evaluation will be produced in August 2018 to assess the first few months of progress within SPARA and inform other airports of the process, which will feed into our wider strategy and evaluation work[...]
Rapid charge points are now being installed at Inverness Airport and Inverness City Centre to support the introduction of electric taxis at Inverness Airport. An implementation meeting was held in February 2018 between HITRANS, HIAL and The Highland Council to finalise charge point locations with suppliers. Charge points will be installed in March and April[...]
From 25th – 27th June 2018 UHI will be hosting the end of project conference in Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Sleat, Isle of Skye, Scotland. The conference will be used to disseminate project results and learn from the work completed throughout the project. Invitations will be issued later this month and further information will be available[...]
….. and in so doing improve resilience for the future, whilst offering a safer, more flexible and more environmentally friendly operating environment. These improvements are only possible with developments in proven high-tech innovative technologies.  Given the scale of change envisaged, HIAL has designed an event open to all to meet the experts (SAAB, Avinor, Searidge[...]
Welcome Frank Flanagan
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We would like to give a warm welcome to Frank Flanagan (piectured) who joins us from the Northern Western Regional Assembly. Many of you will have met Frank at the recent SPARA Conference in Hemavan, and Frank will be continuing Eimear’s good work on the non-aeronautical pilot projects at Knock and Donegal Airport. Frank will[...]
Rachel Forrest and Fiona Leiper, for the Economic Intelligence Unit of the University of the Highlands and Islands are carrying out an economic impact assessment of Wick John O’Groats Airport (WJOA). WJOA (pictured) is nestled in the far north of the mainland of Scotland in Caithness and Sutherland and offers business and leisure travellers a daily[...]
Jane Westbrook and Fiona Leiper attended the NPA annual event, for which the theme was Blue Growth, in The Marine Institute (pictured) in Galway in September.  The event's presentations can be accessed here.
Project partners (pictured below) from HITRANS, Trafikverket, Sundsvall-Timra Airport, Northern Western Regional Assembly, Storuman Municipality Ltd, SENSEC, Robert Gordon University and the University of the Highlands and Islands gathered at Hemavan for a conference hosted by Storuman Municipality Ltd from 13th - 16th November.    
After consultation in July 2017 DG-MOVE produced Interpretative Guidelines on Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008 – Public Service Obligations (PSO). The guidelines intend to explain the Commission’s interpretation of the criteria used in the Regulation and describe the applicable procedures to be followed. In addition replies are given throughout the text to the most frequently asked[...]
This initial response, on behalf of HITRANS Regional Transport Partnership, Highlands and Island Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd can be accessed here.
This worksheet was created by Andy Grinnall and examines the possible use of airport space which could be offered for various cultural, business, sporting and displays purposes and can be accessed here.
This workflow guidance of best practice methods for airports when communicating information through social media was created by Andy Grinnall and can be accessed here.
This model, created by Andy Grinnall, shows goals and methods of engagement at five engagement levels: Identify, Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate and Empower and can be accessed here.
  This model, created by Andy Grinnall, shows goals and methods of engagement at five engagement levels: Identify; Inform; Consult; Involve; Collaborate and Empower and can be accessed here.  
This report, which was written by Bloice, Lyndsay; Baxter, Graeme and Gray, David explores the social and cultural importance of remote and peripheral airports, the effects of losing a local airport on a community, and the barriers which may exclude certain members of the community from using the airport and can be accessed here.
Low Carbon Solutions
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To support the feasibility of introducing electric taxis to Inverness Airport, HITRANS are assisting with the installation of rapid charge points at Inverness Airport and in Inverness City Centre. Inverness Taxis have been awarded a 7-year contract at Inverness Airport and are committed to lowering their carbon emissions long-term by moving to a fully electric[...]
Rapid chargers are soon to be installed at Inverness Airport and in Inverness City Centre to enable local taxi firms to feasibly add electric vehicles to their fleets and decarbonise transport to and from the airport. Inverness Taxis have been awarded a 7-year contract at Inverness Airport and are committed to lowering their carbon emissions[...]