travikThe purpose of the bio fuel study was to develop an action plan for the introduction of biofuel at regional / local airports in northern Sweden, using an analysis of the market for biofuels for aircraft and land vehicle fleet. The report is meant to act as a catalyst to push forward towards a greener flight with an emphasis on the airports in our region although the proposed measures are generally applicable across countries, regions and different national institutional and regulatory contexts.

On the supply side small-scale production, low level of competition, and high transport costs make biofuels for aviation expensive. On the demand side low willingness to pay and lack of knowledge among travellers are barriers to a bio-based aviation sector. The dilemma is classic and calls for government intervention and a concerted actions by all stakeholders in the aviation business; airports, local and regional governments, travellers and airlines.

The bio-fuel report suggest steps for removing the environmental damage caused by aviation such as state temporary support to commercialising production processes or demanding that procured air routes fly using bio-fuels.